Tri-Swine Still Alive at 55

The Paddle. It’s almost like The Monolith in Stanley Kubrick’s movie “2001: A Space Odyssey.” An artifact from an advanced civilization, hidden for centuries? Almost. The venerable, hand-carved Tri-SwineOmega paddle — along with the group’s charter — has been on display for over a decade in the “Alumni Corner” of the Northern Star offi ceContinue reading “Tri-Swine Still Alive at 55”

Hall of Fame 2018

Photo left to right: Mark Bieganski, Jaime Swanson, Ed Murnane, Rick Baert, Dr. Larry Bolles, Kevin Wendt, Alex Wilkinson, and Eric Krol. The Hall Of Fame recipients were: Rick Baert: ’78, senior reporter for Crain Dr. Larry Bolles: in the “Friends of the Star” category, former director of the Office of Community Standards and Student Conduct atContinue reading “Hall of Fame 2018”